OpenXcom v1.0 Released, Trailer

I had checked OpenXcom early during its development and came away with the impression that it wouldn't add much to X-Com: UFO Defense, at least when compared to the wealth of mods and remakes already available for the title. In retrospect that was really stupid of me, and now that version 1.0 has been released and I had the chance to toy with it for a few minutes, I can tell this mod is really impressive and adds a wealth of gameplay options and usability tweaks that make the venerable strategy classic much more playable right off the bat, without really altering its core. Here's a trailer for it:

I really enjoyed Firaxis' 2012 take on the franchise, but if you wanted proof that the original remains an enduring classic and well worth playing even after several sequels and "re-imaginings" have been released, well, there you have it. There are even a few options to make the gameplay closer to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, if that's your thing.