CD Projekt RED Working on Mobile Game, Witcher 3 Progress Report

A member of the NeoGAF forums has translated some interesting info from CD Projekt RED's financial report, which includes news of the development of a mobile game meant to be released this year, with help from an external studio.

- 2 mobile titles: The Witcher Adventure Game and a new multiplatform project.
- Together with an external development studio we are working multiplatform mobile game, which uses advanced features of tablets and smartphones
- We are entering a completely new territory, both in terms of gameplay and business model
- Work on the project began over a year ago, independently from TW3 and Cyberpunk 2077.
- The game will be announced together with beta sign-up.
- Commercial release this year.

There's also some interesting info on the development progress on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and some additional reasons for the title's delay:

- Dialogue lines are closed & implemented
- They are currently recording voice overs for each language version of the game
- The world of the game is completed - locations are finished, all important gameplay mechanics are already implemented
- Graphic assets and animations are nearing completion
- The game can already be played in full
- REDengine 3 supports all 3 platforms
- The physical elements of the collector's edition are in production


The reasoning behind 2015 release:

- Less competition
- Improved effectiveness of marketing campaign targeted at aware gamers and not random gift-buyers.
- Better polished game: the last 20% of time stands for 80% of the game's attractiveness.
- More new-gen consoles on the market = more customers