Pillars of Eternity Interview

If the "Winter 2014" date on Obsidian's website wasn't enough, project director Josh Sawyer has confirmed to Eurogamer that Pillars of Eternity won't release in April 2014, its original Kickstarter date, in the course of a short interview. Here's a snippet:

Not that the Eternity trailer wasn't scrutinised anyway - particularly the animations and effects. But apparently Obsidian expected that, because the way the team works is to block sections of the game out before refining them later. Plus, Sawyer said, there are going to be "a zillion" monsters in Eternity, and polishing them all to a high sheen won't be possible. "We would rather have a lot of monsters and some of them be polished and some of them be pretty good, because variety is an important thing in a game this size."

'This size'? How long will Pillars of Eternity be? "Way longer" than 20 hours, but beyond that Sawyer doesn't know nor want to say. "We want to make this a very big game, and right now it is a very big game. I have no idea what the final hour output is going to be - I'm not even going to guess at that ... because I know better than to say."

There'll be replayability from wanting to adventure with different classes and working towards different endings, of which there will be "lots". It'll be like Fallout: New Vegas, he said, both in its variety of endings and in them being "something you really build towards and agonise over". "It's not like you can just reload and experience the different ending: you have to work towards that ending in a different way."