Kingdom Come: Deliverance Updates #6-7, £514,829 and Counting

Two new updates have been released for the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Kickstarter campaign, the first of which serves essentially as a FAQ, while the second includes a video diary. Here's a snippet form the first one, including info on PayPal payments, character customization, localization, the female player character stretch goal and more:


Lot of people would like to pay through PayPal. Unfortunately, we are not able to set up new payment methods, this is fully controlled by Kickstarter and they chose not to support that platform. Once the campaign ends, we will continue with pledges on our web site with more options. We are doing everything we can to launch our PayPal store as soon as possible. So if PayPal is your only option of backing us, it's going to be possible in near future.

Character customization

There are many questions about possibilities of your character customization. Our game is story-based and the hero is a specific character, whose background, personal history, etc. are already developed. You cannot change his gender, voice or face. However, you can change almost everything else we have a very sophisticated equipment/clothing system, you can change hair styles (in-game, not before starting the game), there are no class limits on attributes.


A specific type of character customization question is the one about option to play as a female. This is unfortunately not possible, as explained above. However our stretch goal will allow you to take the role of a female character for a while.


We're creating the game in English and with English voiceovers. We would like to make French, Italian, German and Spanish versions of the game as well. Our past experience also suggests there will be a Polish, Russian and Czech version of the game, not necessarily with voiceovers, though.

The other languages are matter of contracts with local distributors. We are not going to create the localizations ourselves and we do not know at this moment of time what are they going to be.


Many people wonder how much of a sandbox our sandbox is going to be. You will be able to solve quests in multiple ways, kill most of NPCs or influence their day/night cycles. We have a complex system of reputation, relationships and law. You can influence local economy to an extent (price of goods).

The player's character is going to have a place to stay and live, but you will not be able to buy and sell real estate. Nor you can control other characters. Companions/henchmen have their own AI and they are quest-specific. Your character will develop relationships with NPCs.

Map size

Some people are concerned about our maps size and seem to think that 9 sq. km. is not enough. Please trust us that it is. Our map is bigger than the one in Read Dead Redemption. The population/point-of-interest density is going to be on par with RDR. We want the world to look natural.


There seems to be demand for multiplayer experience. Unfortunately, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a singleplayer game only. We are thinking about cooperative multiplayer in some further future, but definitely not for Act I.