Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Post-funding Update: Release 1 Now Available

As promised last week, the team at Portalarium has officially opened the floodgates to the Release 1 build of Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues. Along with that announcement and the associated patch notes, this update also includes some instructions and a list of known issues:

'w-a-s-d' keys control Avatar movement

Double tap '˜w' key to engage in auto-run

Mouse movement + holding right click controls the camera view

The top right menu contains icons that can be left-clicked to perform the following actions:

- Crossed swords & shield: Access Avatar character information

- Bag: Open up inventory

- Gears: Options menu

- Question Mark: Bring up help page

- Sealed Letter: File a bug report

Avatar character management:

- '˜c' key or left-clicking the crossed swords & shield icon in the top right menu will bring up your Avatar's character information

- '˜b' key or left-clicking the bag icon in the top right menu will toggle open/close your inventory bags

- .scape' key exits all open interfaces

Double-left click objects to interact with them (the cursor will highlight when hovering over valid interaction objects). Some examples of interactions:

- Doors can be opened through interaction

- Chests can be opened and looted through interaction

- Light sources can be toggled on/off through interaction

Decorative items and equipment can be moved via holding left click+dragging items to their new desired location and releasing the left mouse button.

- To wear equipment, open the Avatar information screen ('˜c' key) and drag equipment onto the display avatar or corresponding highlighted equipment slot and release the left mouse button.

- To decorate, make sure the avatar is within a housing lot (denoted by a runic sign post) then left click+drag objects from the Avatar's inventory into the world then release the left mouse button when the object is green to place it in the world. A red object will not be placeable. The '˜q' and .' keys will rotate the object.

- To remove decorations, left click+drag an item from within the world back into the Avatar's inventory.

To converse with NPCs, simply stand near the NPC you wish to converse with, and hit the .nter' key to bring up your chat log. Type what you wish to say to the npc within the chat box, and hit .nter' again to converse.

- The chat log can be scrolled through by left click+dragging the slider on the right side of the chat window

To report a bug, either left-click the sealed letter icon in the top-right menu or open up your chat log (.nter' key) and type in '˜/bug' followed by your bug report and the .nter' key. This will copy your bug report and game information to the clipboard and bring up the SotA bug forum where you can paste the clipboard into a post for us to receive. Before posting in the forums please follow these guidelines:

The '˜f11' key will take a screenshot of the game and save it to your installed SotA directory

To find out the current position of the Avatar in game open up the chat log (.nter' key) and type in '˜/loc' followed by the .nter' key. This also copies out the location to your clipboard so that it can be pasted elsewhere as needed.

You can click the green triangular gems in the corner of the chat window and the top right button panel to lock or unlock the auto-hiding of those UI elements. To move or re-size the chat window, left-click + drag the window borders as desired (left border to move the window and right border to resize).

The '˜f4' key or left-clicking the options menu (Quit) tab will exit the game.