After Reset Preview

There's a brief preview of After Reset up on Calmdowntom, which appears to be based on the demo that the team at Black Cloud Studios has recently made available. The Kickstarter campaign isn't fairing too well, but here's to hoping the game sees an eventual release:

After Reset sets out to be a post-apocalyptic RPG in the vein of classic RPG's like Fallout and Planescape Torment. I normally turn my nose at such boastful and ambitious claims. However, After Reset does seem to hold that potential. There isn't a whole lot to play with, yet. You explore a barren landscape and, well.that's about it. The terrain looks good, reminiscent of the Fallout wastelands, and with all sorts of wreckage scattered around, as well as some small, scrubby looking plants. It felt appropriately desolate, and the sound goes a long way to reinforce that. I do hope, however, that the team intend to implement other areas in the future, with other colour palettes.

The character can be controlled with the WASD keys, or by clicking where you want to go. Both the movement and the pathfinding feel solid, and they work well as separate control methods. The WASD movement seems like it would be good for running around between locations, while the more classic point-and-click system would be a more tactical approach to combat.