Numenera Tabletop RPG Released

Those of us who pledged a considerable sum to Torment: Tides of Numenera and anyone else interested in familiarizing themselves with the tabletop RPG that it will be based upon will be happy to hear that Monte Cook and team have officially released the Numenera RPG unto the role-playing masses. Corebook and Player's Guide are first in line:
Today brings the official release of the first pen and paper RPG books for Numenera! A hearty congratulations to Monte Cook and his team.

For our backers, this means you should be getting the books soon if you backed at a tier that includes them. Digital backers $75 and $125 and up should already have received their eBooks, if not then check this update. For physical backers $250 and up, Monte Cook Games has started shipping out the Corebook and Player's Guide this week, and they'll be arriving at the doorsteps of Numenera and Torment backers in the next couple of weeks.