BitComposer and Coreplay Give Their Versions on Chaos Chronicles Dispute

You might remember that Chaos Chronicles' release is currently at risk due to a dispute between developer Coreplay and publisher BitComposer, but so far we hadn't heard anything concerning the details of this conflict. Things have changed now, though, given BitComposer has now offered their own take on the situation to The Games Inquirer, the blogger that started the petition for the title's release:
Statement on the situation of Chaos Chronicles

Due to wide ranging speculation concerning Chaos Chronicles, we have decided to issue a statement. For legal reasons, we cannot go into all the details. However, we would like to describe the current situation as best we can within the given limits:

Chaos Chronicles is a promising project for Coreplay as well as for bitComposer. The current dispute between the two companies has NOTHING to do with the actual developer team or with the project itself. Seeing as the development of the game is already at such an advanced stage, bitComposer would still like to complete and market Chaos Chronicles with the developer team from Coreplay. In September 2012, one of the founders and managing partners of Coreplay left the company and this was a real surprise for us. Shortly thereafter, the former managing partner's shares were taken over by a lawyer and an investor.

From this point on, there have been differing opinions concerning the previously agreed contracts and the future form of cooperation.

We are of course aware that the ire of fans will focus on the .vil' publisher. Please be aware that we are not ignoring the comments and the online petition, but a solution always requires two parties, and in this case, three, as the game has been partly financed with public funds through the FilmFernsehFonds Bavaria. On July 24, we once again tried to find a solution agreeable to all parties, though Coreplay and their managing partners did not want to attend these mediation talks.

Despite the clear legal situation, efforts by impartial institutions, and considerable accommodation on the part of bitComposer, Coreplay is not ready to participate in a balanced solution, and thereby knowingly bring about the end of Chaos Chronicles.

Chaos Chronicles lead Peter Ohlmann replied directly on the RPGCodex forums:
"The first casualty of War is Truth" During a 5 hours meeting, we've discussed and negotiated every detail of a final agreement between bitComposer and Coreplay for realizing a completion of Chaos Chronicles. We wrote all those terms and conditions into a contract and at the end of this meeting day, both parties agreed to those terms. Unfortunately (and surprisingly) bitComposer rejected to sign this agreement on this day because they still wanted to clarify an open issue regarding the tax. But before leaving our office, they've promised us to check this issue as soon as possible to make a final signment possible in the next days.

This was two month ago and we haven't heard back from them since then.

In their recent statement to the petition, they mentioned a meeting last week (24th July). But they did not mention the fact that they already announced not to sign anything in that meeting. That's why we haven't attend it, because we don't have time for this 'play for time' bullshit anymore.

And for the records: the main reason for this dispute was the controversy about an early release of Chaos Chronicles in March 2013. A release at this time would have led to horrible consequences for the game regarding its quality, content and stability. Since bitComposer rejected to invest more money into our game, we had to get the money elsewhere. Throwing an unfinished and crappy game on the market was no option for us and that's why we had no other choice than borrowing money from third parties to continue the development and completion of our game. We wanted to release this particular game as it was intended, because otherwise we wouldn't get a second chance to create such a game again.

At some point, you have to fight for your creative work, no matter what financial and legal consequences it could cause. Otherwise you would give up your work and all dreams you had.

And before we release a game like 'Citadels' (which was definitely released before its completion), we prefer not release a game at all.

If this is the way the two parties address each other in public, I really doubt the game will actually be released.

Thanks, RPGCodex.

Update: Ohlmann more or less quashed any hope of a release for the title. While that's technically not an official communication, at this point it's safe to say the game is canceled.