Lords of the Fallen Interview

GamesRadar managed to catch up with City Interactive's Tomasz Gop for a commentary-laden feature about Lords of the Fallen that reads like a hybrid between a preview piece and a full-blown interview. I'm snatching up any and all information I can find for the game, so regardless of its delivery, it's a welcomed article:
Whereas many action RPGs allow the player to create their own digital avatar, Lords of the Fallen's developers opted to go with a predefined character for the hero. You'll step into the armored boots of Harkyn, a character with his own backstory, his own personality, and his own face. And that face isn't too pretty.

"It might also be worth mentioning that we're not afraid of character design which we call 'commercial ugliness,'" Gop explained, saying that the tinge of unattractiveness will leave a mark in the players' memory. "Like most Rembrandt paintings for example--faces on those were intriguing, make everyone look at them for hours and wonder why can it be so interesting while it's so far from beautiful?"

There's more to the characters than their less-than-attractive faces, though. LotF's medieval setting drops characters into big, bulky sets of armors, and the weapons are massive and powerful. It looks like typical Lord of the Rings-style gear at first, but the developers had something more specific in mind when creating the design: Warhammer Roleplay Fantasy.

"It might actually go without saying since I've seen a lot of people already spotted this one in some of our promo arts. We really look up to character designs featured in illustrations that you could find in first rulebooks of WHRP [Warhammer Roleplay] pen and paper, published in the '80s. Some incredibly skillful and respected painters put their talents to use for those arts!"