Mass Effect/Mark Meer Interview

The folks at WHATCULTURE! recently attended the MCM London Comic Con event, during which they had the opportunity to quiz voice actor Mark Meer about his role as the male version of Commander Shepard in BioWare's Mass Effect series. The conversation is presented in an article-style format, so I'll just quote a couple of Mark's responses:
The emotional closure it provided was great getting a chance to say goodbye to these characters that you've spent years with and come to care about. And I loved all the in-jokes and nods to the fanbase things like the (I should go) scene, the bit with the hamster, and Shepard coming face-to-face with Blasto.


The recording process for something like one of the Mass Effect games could stretch over the course of a year or more. We weren't in the booth every single day, but at least in the case of Jennifer and myself, we were brought in early in the process for demo work, often before the bulk of the game had been fully scripted. I actually started work on the original Mass Effect when things were still in the concept art stage, working with the team at Bioware to develop the sounds and voices of the various alien races getting cast in the lead role came later. It's pretty fun getting to watch something as rich and complex as the Mass Effect Universe being constructed from the inside.