CD Projekt RED Not Concerned About The Witcher 3 Rating

If you were worried about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt developed CD Projekt RED toning down the game's mature themes for the last chapter in Geralt's story, you'll be happy to know that CDPR's Agnieszka Szostak told that they aren't concerned about ratings when designing content. The Witcher and its sequel were proof enough of that, but it's nice to have confirmation:
(We don't create the game with any specific rating in mind,) said CDPR's Agnieszka Szostak to (We implement in it things we believe will create the best gaming experience. Whether those are meaningful choices, deep relationships between characters, sex scenes, bloody combat or curses.)

(If we think they are needed there to make the game world living, breathing and believable they will be there. Rating of the game is a secondary thing really.)