Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Interview

Mashable has an article-style interview on Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, focused on the tablet versions of the title. Here's a few snippets:
"I think the iPad really shows off what a great game Baldur's Gate is and how it maps over the product to a new platform," Oster says.

"I actually think Baldur's Gate was made for tablets. It just happened to be 12 years early. It's just such a nice way to play the game."


"We made a pretty hard choice that we weren't going to fundamentally change the game to make it more accessible," Oster says. "You have this tenant in modern video games as a whole where they're just dumbing them down and making them easier. But you have the emergence of new games, like Super Meat Boy, where it's like this is nasty, spiky hard and it's going to make you feel horrible until you beat it, then you feel great. Baldur's Gate brings that nasty, spiky feeling back into games."

"There's a difference between challenging and frustrating. We're doing everything we can to make the game less of a chore, but we're not going to dumb it down," Tofer says, adding that they've even added a harder difficulty.