Vampire: Bloodlines v8.6 Unofficial Patch Released

Vampire fans likely have a weekend of pale skin and bloodsucking in front of them, as Wesp5 has just released a new version 8.6 of his unofficial Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines patch. And given the long hiatus I've taken from the game, I just might have to join in on the fun, too:
+Improved getting new discipline and keeping the .38 in the tutorial.
+Restored Confession turnstile, King's Way animation and six decals.
+Made Pearl of Dubai Charisma powerup again and fixed Mercurio money.
+Restored discipline crosshair, tutorial graphic and some particles.
+Improved Presence dialogue options and raised haven bum cash to $10.
+Added new idle animations, some with whispers, thanks EntenSchreck.
+Restored Dominate Command instead of Trance, thanks to EntenSchreck.
+Added Humanity losses and gains to SM blueblood and tutorial guard.
+Removed Toreador and Ventrue stat bonuses and fixed library details.
+Restored embrace and discipline hud particles, thanks EntenSchreck.
Returned Steyr AUG Sabbats to Hallowbrook and Zulo fire sensitivity.
Made Beckett invincible at the pier and updated walkthrough issues.
Corrected XP and restored log for unravelling Knox and Bertram plan.
Fixed Phil and Vandal dialogues and raised Well Educated penalties.
Moved possible Gimble's entrance block and fixed minor text details.