The Good and the Bad of Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC According to Game Informer

GameInformer's Joe Juba has penned an article to highlight the good and bad aspects of the last Mass Effect 3 DLC, Citadel. The verdict overall is positive, but reading between the lines it's clear that the DLC might not be for everyone:
Good: Fan-Focused
If you're interested in playing this DLC, you've probably spent dozens of hours in the Mass Effect universe. Fans know these characters, their personality quirks, and their advantages in combat. That's what Citadel capitalizes on; it's essentially an excuse to reunite Shepard with old friends, give them all a chance to be in the spotlight, and provide an opportunity to say a bittersweet farewell.

Bad: Fan-Focused
While it's great to have a lot to enjoy on the character front, the emphasis on serving fans subordinates the need for compelling gameplay or story. The gunfights in Citadel are nothing special, and the main conflict is too brief to make an impact. The conversations that Shepard has are excellent, but the framework surrounding them is flimsy.