Torment: Tides of Numenera Kickstarter Update #10, $3,049,201 and Counting

The latest update for Torment: Tides of Numenera's Kickstarter includes news on new physical add-ons (by the way, people who have pledged at least $45 for a digital tier can now choose one of the physical add-ons too), a video from writer Mur Lafferty on companions, and news that GOG will be distributing the title. Which admittedly doesn't really comes off as a surprise as much as a given.

Here's a snip:
Other Things
Many of you have asked us if we will be releasing Torment on After all, they're the best place to get the game that inspired this all Planescape: Torment. Well, good news! We're happy to announce that we've talked with the crew and they've let us know that they would love to distribute Torment! They will be one of your options to download your digital DRM-free copies. (They'll also be a place to get Wasteland 2 DRM-free.)

(Check our tumblr site for PS:T links, including to mods for the game.)

Seeking Volunteers for Translation of Our Tumblr Site

We're working with Easyling to translate our tumblr blog into as many languages as possible, so you can get information on the game and the Kickstarter rewards in your own language and so we improve our reach. We're looking for volunteers among our fans to help get this rolling the Easyling app will allow you to translate pages or parts of pages without any requirement for technical know-how, all we need is your own language skills and energy. If you're interested, send us a message through Kickstarter with your email address and the language you'd like to help us translate our blog to.

Signed Print Added to $2K Tier

We're adding a signed print (from the corresponding $1K Tier) as an additional reward for the $2K Statuette Tier. (A signed print was already included in the $5K and $10K tiers.)

Backer-Only Online Store Post-Kickstarter

We've received many requests that more add-ons be made available. We are adding some of these to the Kickstarter pledge options, such as the items mentioned in this update, but in many cases using the Kickstarter add-on capability isn't the best option. Sometime after the Kickstarter ends, we will set up a backer-only online store where both digital and physical items will be available for purchase. So if you've pledged at a Tier lower than $45, you'll have the online store as an option for some physical goods.

Come Celebrate with Us!

The Torment Kickstarter ends at the end of next week! Our closing party will begin at 2 PM PDT on Friday, April 5th. If you'd like to celebrate with us, please login at (you'll need to register at our site if you haven't already) and you'll be able to let us know. The bar tab will be covered the Bard (i.e., profits from the Android version of The Bard's Tale will be paying for the party). (And I hear Colin has promised cake!). Please let us know by this Thursday if you'd like to come!