Torment: Tides of Numenera Kickstarter Update #7, $2,655,107 and Counting

A new update has gone live for the Torment: Tides of Numenera Kickstarter, this time showcasing a new Andrè Wallin piece of art showcasing the Crystal Dimension (which wouldn't look out of place in a Mass Effect title), elaborating further on choices and consequence and tides, and bringing even more news on the novella compilation, the reward tiers and the Castoff's Labyrinth progress. Here's a snip:
Novella Compilation From the Depths

The Novella Compilation features standalone novellas by Colin McComb and Monte Cook andas well as From the Depths, five interlinked novellas by Adam Heine, Mur Lafferty, Nathan Long, Ray Vallese, and Tony Evans. Colin's novella will be tied more directly to the story of our game, with backstory on some of the characters or companions (no major spoilers, of course). Monte's novella will be a more proper introduction to the Ninth World and the Steadfast.

From the Depths will be a series of novellas interlinked, not in their stories or characters, but in their connections to the Tides and Torment's part of the Ninth World. Each novella will take place in the history of one of Torment's locations, and will revolve around the stories of individuals who, through their actions, embody one of the Tides. We've talked about how the Tides are complicated and nuanced concepts through these stories, you will gain a deeper understand of what each Tide means, and how each manifests itself.

You'll read the tale of Luthiya, a young girl who lived in Ossiphagan, back when the town faced destruction by the Fire Wights, and the extraordinary measures she took to save the lives of those around her. And the more personal tale of Reen, who led an expedition into the heart of a murderous city in an insane attempt to cure his wife's deadly illness. The third novella is about the abhuman Baji, forced to choose between his people and a group of air-breathing refugees on the brink of death. Then we tell the tale of Zelor, the artist exiled to a world of creatures who could not see, hear, or apparently feel, and how he awoke the fires of their minds. Finally, you'll read about the Great Chila long before she was ever called Great and the role she played in the conflict between the rulers of Sagus Cliffs and the fugitives living within the Bloom.

All seven of these novellas are included in the compilation, available at the new $39 tier, the $50 tier and all tiers $75 and up (Colin's novella is included in all tiers $28 and up). They are also available as a digital add-on to ANY tier for $15. Any new novellas we may add will automatically be included with this reward.

The printed version of the novellas is included in all physical goods tiers $250 and higher. It will be a limited edition print run that's only available to backers. (Note that while we are localizing the game text in French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish, these novellas will only be available in English at this time.)

New Tier at $39

For those eager to learn more about the Ninth World, Torment, and the Tides, we are adding a new Lore Aspirant Tier at $39 that includes:

1. DRM-free Digital Game (PC, Mac, or Linux)
2. Planescape: Torment Developer Retrospective
3. Access to the Official Torment Community
4. Digital Strategy Guide
5. Digital Novella Compilation, which includes all novellas (currently 7)

This limited Tier is the same as the $28 one, except that it also includes the Digital Novella Compilation (at $4 less than it would be at the add-on price of $15).