Torment: Tides of Numenera Kickstarter Update #2, $1,470,313 and Counting

A second update is already online over at the Torment: Tides of Numenera Kickstarter project, and it's ready to pique your anticipation for the RPG even further. This time around, we hear about some of the original Planescape team members who will be contributing to a retrospective and some of the easier-to-reach stretch goals they have planned for us:
We've talked with many of the original developers of Planescape: Torment and they will generously contribute developer diaries/blogs in a compilation of their thoughts about the project. Learn about their experiences working on the game, behind-the-scenes stories, and how the game influenced their later work. This Retrospective will be made available before Torment launches next December.

Our requests to Planescape: Torment team members have been met with great enthusiasm and we're thrilled to announce that contributors to this Retrospective will include:

â—¾ Chris Avellone, Lead Designer
â—¾ Eric Campanella, Artist
â—¾ Tim Donley, Lead Artist
â—¾ Scott Everts, Technical Designer
â—¾ Brian Fargo, Leader in Exile
â—¾ Adam Heine, Scripter
â—¾ Dave Maldonado, Designer
â—¾ Colin McComb, Designer
â—¾ Brian Menze, Artist
â—¾ Aaron Meyers, Artist
â—¾ Mark Morgan, Composer
â—¾ Dennis Presnell, Artist
â—¾ Dan Spitzley, Lead Programmer
â—¾ Feargus Urquhart, President, Black Isle Studios
â—¾ Scott Warner, Scripter

We at inXile would like to thank also the PS:T team members who will be contributing as well as to Dema for making this suggestion!


$1.5 Million: Richer Story Writer Mur Lafferty and Designer Tony Evans join the Writing Team, plus a Bonus Novella)

Upon reaching $1.5M, we will expand the richness and reactivity of the story through adding two new writers to our team. We have designed the game's storyline to be highly scalable and modular, and this allows us to bring in additional writing talent to enhance Torment's story through deeper content and new areas and characters both optional ones and on the critical path.

At $1.5 Million, two excellent writers, Tony Evans and Mur Lafferty will be contributing to the game. In case you aren't yet familiar with their past work, here's a little information on each:

Tony has been a game writer and designer since the late 1990s. He has worked on role-playing games for much of that time, for both Obsidian Entertainment and Bioware. Tony worked on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, Neverwinter Nights 2, and Mask of the Betrayer (he designed the Skein and wrote One of Many, among other things). Tony was also the lead designer on Storm of Zehir.


$2.0 Million: Monte Writes, Mark Composes, and Goo Oozes

We will continue to increase Torment's story depth and reactivity as Monte Cook also joins our writing team, contributing directly to in-game content. Monte is focused on Numenera, but we've been working directly with him already, seeking his guidance on how to best explore Numenera's Ninth World. Later in the project, we will also be collaborating with Monte on the adaptation of Numenera's tabletop rules to best suit a computer role-playing game. But at this Stretch Goal, Monte will become even more involved in Torment team and will add his writing talents as well. (Fortunately, Torment's schedule allows for his creative work to begin later so that it won't interfere with Numenera.)

At this Stretch Goal, Mark Morgan will write more music for Torment to complement the additional game areas and content we will be adding. Furthermore, he will incorporate a live orchestra into his work. Of course, all of this new music will be automatically including in the soundtrack (digital or CD) for backers who are receiving that reward. We will also provide the soundtrack reward in the lossless FLAC format for those who desire it.

Our initial plans for Torment included four possible companions for the player and at this Stretch Goal, we will be adding a fifth, which we've nicknamed (The Toy.) (That's not its in-game name. ;) ) The Toy is a changing ball of goo: Is it a pet, an abandoned toy, a dangerous weapon? Whatever it is, it responds to the way you treat it by changing its appearance and abilities to reflect what it perceives as your desires. Its ultimate secrets are... well, you'll have to find out.