The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Podcast Interviews

We have rounded up a couple of recent podcasts concerning The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the first being an interview with CD Projekt RED's Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz which covers the game's monster hunting, its handling of open-world design, quest design, influences and more.

Meanwhile, GameInformer has some impressions of the title and new info in their latest "special edition podcast", with questions from the reader. A brief summary of the info: CD Projekt still consider themselves PC-first developers; their approach to DLC seems to be the same as with The Witcher 2, with larger sized content you'll pay for not ruled out, but bite-sized additions being free; conversations will maintain the dynamic, cinematic camera of The Witcher 2; you're going to be able to use a horse for traversal pretty much all the time, although the game also includes Skyrim-like fast travel; the game won't feature any loading screens; most monster hunts will be handcrafted rather than notice board/randomly generated material; the "focus mode" you use in monster hunting isn't quite finalized yet and will either be kind of like VATS in Fallout 3 in the sense that time will slow down or will just use special moves more naturally; and they reiterate that the screenshots are far from final.