Rumor: System Shock 2 to be Released on GOG/Steam Soon

According to a recent report from Flesh Eating Zipper, citing unnamed sources, Irrational Games/Looking Glass Studios classic System Shock 2 has finally managed to escape license limbo, and will be released on GOG and Steam thanks to the efforts of Night Dive Studios.
System Shock, the cult favorite PC horror franchise, is ready for new life incredibly soon, FleshEatingZipper has learned. According to our sources, a (new development/publishing studio will be handling the release), spearheaded with a new digital release of System Shock 2 on GOG within days, the perfect starting point for any classic PC gaming connoisseur. A Steam release is said to follow at a later, undetermined date. While the complexities of such a new deal were not revealed, for many years following the dissolution of Looking Glass Studios, the legal rights to the series have been up in the air and long-time fans have had to resort to abandonware or other, illicit means to acquire their rad cyberpunk dosage of Shodan's madness. No longer!


UPDATE: This article had previously stated a Steam release within a month, but our sources said it was not quite that soon. A new trailer for the release is supposed to be dropping in the near future and we'll update you as soon as we get our hands on it! The extra content being bundled as part of the GOG release will be (well worth the price), we're told.

Let's hope the rumors are true, a digital re-release of the title has been long overdue, and certainly not for lack of demand.