Wizards of the Coast Says It's Open to Licensing Planescape

Speaking with Eurogamer, Wizard of the Coast has admitted that they are open to licensing the Planescape setting and that they're not, in fact, against it as we have been previously led to believe by inXile.
"We would absolutely consider licensing out Planescape, or any of our other great D&D IPs, if we were approached with a proposal," Wizards of the Coast told us through its presumably bushy beard.

"We often get proposals and are actively pursuing opportunities to make great digital D&D experiences.

"Brian [Fargo] suggested Baldur's Gate 3 had proven difficult in the past before we regained our digital rights, so, that probably didn't help the situation."

I put this to Colin McComb.

"I'm certain that there was discussion on the subject directly but it sounds like there is some internal miscommunication there," he told me. "Since we were already looking at Numenera as a potential setting, this made our decision easy.

"We're genuinely excited about Numenera anyway - it's a setting as different as Planescape was, one that breaks the mould of computer role-playing settings, and it's got mechanics that are intuitive, easy, and deep.

"We've got a very cool story coming along as well, the concept images are stunning (I can say that because I didn't draw them), and the systems we're putting into place are... well, I don't want to spoil any surprises."

I guess, given that inXile and Obsidian are already busy at the moment, this is a good chance for another unproven developer to try get the license and develop another Planescape-worthy CRPG. Admittedly that might just be wishful thinking on my part.