Vampire: Bloodlines v8.5 Unofficial Patch Released

If there's one thing you can count on when booting up Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines these days, it's that Wesp5 will have released a new version of his unofficial patch in the last few weeks for your latest replay, tweaking and fixing just that little bit more, and he's done it again with version 8.5. Here's the changelog:
v8.5 , 07.02.2013

Additions, Changes & Improvements (+)
+Added way to get a new discipline from Beckett, thanks EntenSchreck.
+Changed Jian into broadsword and armed Chang brother with a katana.
+Improved Bloodheal sound and restored HUD sounds and botch message.
+Improved library riddle, boss navigation and fixed bookcase issues.
+Made Nosferatu break Masquerade easier and Romero return once again.
+Moved easter eggs hint from note to restored laptop at Luckee Star.
+Shortened library level cutscene and killing actions at Ground Zero.
+Removed Domination's mass suicide to add sleep, thanks EntenSchreck.

Fixes (+)
+Fixed idles with Imalia and Mitnick and changed horror tape titles.
+Fixed Danielle and Gimble problem and a misplaced Ocean House spark.
+Fixed Thaumaturgy disciplines not working again after player frenzy.
+Fixed dead guard acting at Skyeline Apartments and stuck headrunner.
+Repaired Blood Shield light effect and updated Presentable history.

Restored Content (+)
+Added and fixed some last library textures, thanks to burgermeister.
+Restored Ocean House valve, sprinkler, cans, doors and some sounds.
+Restored two menu effects and unused Pisha eyes for LaSombra female.
+Restored Malkavian disciplines Veil and Voice, thanks EntenSchreck.
+Restored ten scenery props into sewers and Hallowbrook Hotel levels.
+Restored water, steam, fire and vomit effects, thanks EntenSchreck.
+Restored character creation questions and a sewer-cabbie animation.

Additions, Changes & Improvements in Basic Patch
Added SweetFX to Extras folder, thanks for the tip to Caner Özdemir.
Improved tutorial popups and removed forced Andrei speech subtitles.
Deleted computer restorations from basic and restored two passwords.
Fixed double business card, clinic guard, Damsel and Isaac problems.
Prevented Tommy Flayton from writing restaurant review when killed.
Restored Heather before talking to Prince but referred to new haven.
Removed hatch reflection and updated and restored model sewer maps.
Removed getting poster from VV in basic and fixed guard bodies bug.
Repaired warrens and boiler pipes and reconciling sisters extra XP.