Torment Successor Interview, Kickstarter Campaign to Launch Before Wasteland 2's Release

NowGamer is offering an interview with Brian Fargo on the announced Torment successor set in Monte Cook's Numenera. Most of the interview just reiterates things we know from the original RPS interview, but we also get to see the first concept art for the title and learn that the campaign will almost assuredly start before Wasteland 2 is released.

Here's a snip:
You talked about perhaps using turn-based combat instead of real-time with pause: is that wise? Surely the fans would wage war against you?

Let me turn this over to project director Kevin Saunders: (We see the key elements of the combat system for this game as agnostic of whether the implementation is real-time with pause, turn-based, or some hybrid, like a phase-based system.

We'll discuss further in the future, but, briefly, by key elements, we mean aspects like: ensuring that character customization choices influence combat, meaningful tactical decisions, synergy with the narrative and creative elements, accentuating and further developing the companions, etc.

Because we can craft the game we are promising regardless of this specific decision, it is exactly the type of question for which we'd involve our backers.

We would outline what we will attempt to achieve through combat, and how it is interwoven with the narrative and overall gameplay, present the primary options, and let our backers weigh in confident that we can satisfy our design goals for this game while taking their preferences into account.

We've been taking this approach with Wasteland 2 and have found backer input to be invaluable in such design decisions.)