Crowd-funded Role-playing Game Round-up, Continued

As it's a relatively slow news day, I thought it might be about time to continue my Kickstarter and IndieGoGo role-playing game round-up from a couple of weeks ago and share the latest crowd-funded role-playing projects that I was able to find with a little online digging.   Pledging awaits:

Shroud of the Ancients RPG
This Kickstarter from Dark Tavern Press is for the first book for the Shroud of the Ancients D5 Role Playing Game, entitled The Adventurer's Guide to Terrath. Created by Randy Miller and Roderick Edwards, this corebook is the product of more than 15 years of combined adventure writing and game design experience. It is Dark Tavern's goal to continually create the best quality RPGs and gaming accessories possible. It is our aspiration to entice tabletop gamers enough with this project to help us fund this project in order to bring the Shroud of the Ancients D5 Role Playing Game to players everywhere.

Syndrone Syndrome
An action-adventure RPG where "The player need to attend daily drills and trainings, and he/she have to go up to the surface at least once a week. The game is based on a Real Time system meaning that if a training strats at 5 pm he/she better be there at 5 pm unless he/she want to face the consequences. Above ground the SynDrones have destroyed everything."

Through the Breach: A Malifaux Roleplaying Game
Through the Breach is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the world of Malifaux. Players take on the roles of various citizens, such as Gunfighters, Drudges, Dabblers, and Entertainers. Each of these characters is as unique as the players themselves. These are the Fated. As a Fated, you know your future, it has been told to you, as cryptic as the sparrow on a moonless night. It is your task to rush headlong into the arms of destiny, or to carve your own future.

Dakija is a browser based fantasy RPG game with a turn-based combat. You got to choose your hero and develop his abilities, skills, spells the way YOU want. Fighter, Magician (Archer or Monk) it's up to you what you want to become. Will you be the hero that legends talk about? Will you be the hero who brings back the piece to this planet, called Dakija? We will see! Currently there are 200+ skills to choose from that can be reached by adding points into balancers every level. Also 100+ spells for spellcasters! Not only offensive spells, but many buffs and curses for more tactical choices. For building your hero you have wide variety of equipments to choose from: 400+ weapons and 200+ armors of different types!

A narrative first person RPG set 45,000 feet in the air and 30 years in the future. Your actions shape how the story unfolds.

You Are the Hero
YOU ARE THE HERO will tell the story of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, from the early days of Games Workshop right up to the present day, and beyond. I have already interviewed the creators of the Fighting Fantasy series Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone who are both keen to have their story told.

Fate Core System
Today, Evil Hat is proud to bring you Fate Core: the latest evolution of the Fate role-playing game system. Inside you'll find refined, clearer language about every part of the game -- ranging from streamlined language about aspects and skills, to a unified approach for game actions and outcomes, to our trademark, rock solid GM and player advice.

Meriweather: An American Epic
Steeped in history but made by gamers, Meriwether will offer a unique blend of roleplaying, resource management, exploration, diplomacy, and survival. Though your mission is one of friendship, scientific discovery, and commerce, it will be fraught with life and death choices throughout. You will battle the elements, hunger, thirst, exposure, mighty rivers and towering mountains over the course of your 8,000 mile round-trip voyage. Some Native Americans of the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, and the Pacific Northwest will see you as potential allies, while others will think of you as invaders; it's up to you to broker peace with them. You will need to survey the land and record detailed descriptions of the plants and animals you find in your journal. As captain, you will need to maintain discipline and the respect of your men under these difficult circumstances, while keeping morale high.

Forsaken Fortress: The Survival RPG
Unlike many other existing post-apocalyptic RPGs, Forsaken Fortress emphasizes simulation features such as base building, character personality/interaction, and resource collection. You will need to lead a group of survivors to construct your base and maintain its basic functions, such as electricity generation or food storage. Meanwhile, you will ensure the base's security by building defenses and setting traps. You will also need to lead your expedition team to the wasteland to gather supplies and to work on missions, balancing their professional skills in order to maximize their effectiveness. Characters in Forsaken Fortress are highly dynamic in their behavior. They have needs, goals and personalities which will influence their daily life and decision making. Some of them may fall in love and some of them may not get along, but all them bring life to the devastated, forsaken world.

Creature & Encounter RPG Card Decks
Beautiful monster art cards w/system neutral or 1E stats on back & encounter generator cards--Mad Libs/Book of Lairs mash-up.