Mass Effect Franchise (Fake) Interview

GamerSyndrome is offering an interview with an unnamed BioWare representative on the Mass Effect franchise, which also covers the upcoming Frostbite-based Mass Effect title and a new as of yet unannounced Mass Effect 3 DLC.

The interview comes with the caveat that some of the opinions expressed are apparently personal and don't necessarily express the company's position. Considering I don't see anything particularly controversial in the interview, I wonder why the disclaimer was even necessary in the first place.

In the meantime, here's a snippet:
GS: Now that another Mass Effect game has been announced, why was it decided to not only change studios (Edmonton to Montreal) but also to change game engines? Will we still experience the same style, choices, and action we've come to know in Mass Effect games? Does changing engines delay the games release date?

BioWare: While I can't comment on why it changed studios, fans can expect a similar style of choices and action that they've come to know in Mass Effect. Casey Hudson is very much involved in the new Mass Effect game, as well as many from Edmonton. BioWare Montreal is a great studio and they did fantastic with the multiplayer for Mass Effect 3, so fans should know the series is in good hands. The game isn't far along in development so I can't comment on specifics because they isn't any yet, Frostbite 2 is a really good game engine that we are also using on Dragon Age 3. As far as release date, there's nothing to be announced yet. You'll hear more about the new Mass Effect game [next year] in 2013.

GS: If you were to give a rough idea on a release window, what would you say?

BioWare: Late 2014 to Mid 2015. I honestly can't tell you an exact because full development on the game started a month or two ago.

GS: What's the plan for Mass Effect 3 now? Can we expect more single player mission DLC coming, as well as multiplayer DLC? Or have we reached the point where there isn't too much more coming?

BioWare: We aren't done with Mass Effect 3, yet. We have a new single player DLC being written by 8 fantastic writers, many who have written for the Mass Effect series before. We've got a great composer and voice actors on board for the DLC, so we're really excited about that. You'll hear more about it in the coming weeks. I can't comment on any further DLC because none have been announced but Mass Effect 3 fans will enjoy a little more new DLC after Omega.

Eurogamer has verified with an EA rep that the interview isn't a fake.

Update: Apparently GamerSyndrome removed the interview due to the interview coming from someone who's not an actual official source. This corroborates this very recent Mike Gamble tweet. How this could have happened I honestly have no idea, but I know I will be wary of linking to GamerSyndrome in the future. Either way, we apologize for the inconvenience.