Colin McComb on Planescape: Torment

With the writing stages of Wasteland 2 wrapped up, Colin McComb musesĀ "what's next" and looks back on his career, highlighting his work on Planescape: Torment.
But that's not really the point of this post. The point is that of all the games I've written, the one that I keep circling back to is Torment. And now that the bulk of my work on Wasteland 2 is largely complete (with some iteration work that still needs to be done), I can start thinking about Torment seriously.

What was most memorable for most players of the game? Based on the conversations I've had with friends and fans, the answers (at least from a design perspective) boil down to these. It:
* Turned RPG tropes on their heads (e.g. death is bad and requires a reload).
* Had a rich, amazing story.
* Displayed memorable, unique characters, especially the companions.
* Took place in a hugely different fantastic setting.
* Allowed small player choices to make real differences in the game world.
* Wasn't about an epic battle between good and evil, but it did ask serious questions (like (What can change the nature of a man?)).
* Created strange, even living, items that you can talk to or interact with