Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 16 Screenshots

Dungeons & Dragons Online fans have some new post-Menace of the Underdark content to look forward to in the near future with the game's forthcoming Update 16: The Netherese Legacy content patch, and we have a few dozen screenshots to prove it. Pay a visit to our image gallery to check out various scenes from all five new dungeons included in the High Road of Shadows Quest Pack, then hit the press release below for info on the new Epic Destiny:
Primal Avatar Epic Destiny

With the Primal Avatar Epic Destiny, players can become fearless champions of the natural world. Primal Avatars gain increased damage for animal forms as well as Two-Weapon and Unarmed fighting. They also can conjure powerful buffs and summoned creatures, making them a welcome addition for any party.

Though the Primal Avatar is a perfect fit for druids, other characters can still benefit from many of the bonuses and abilities.

Ability Highlights
'¢ Friends of Nature: Call on the smaller animals of the forest for aid, granting helpful auras to party members.
'¢ Dryad Elder: Call upon a Dryad Elder for aid. This formidable ally calls upon lightning, storms, cold, and the earth itself to damage enemies. She is even capable of healing wounds and raising fallen allies.
'¢ Stormrage: Channel the raw power of lightning to do additional damage to enemies struck with attacks and spells for a short period of time. Each foe can only be struck with Stormrage once, making this ability ideal when fighting groups.
'¢ Avatar of Nature: Become the incarnation of nature's rage by taking the form of a hulking swamp-being. While in this form, knock over enemies and deal impressive damage!