Borderlands Legends Preview

Kotaku has a brief preview for the iOS title Borderlands Legends, which apparently is going to mix strategy and action-RPG trappings and bring back the original Vault Hunters as playable characters.

Here's a snip:
From an angled projection, top-down view, you'll control the original four vault hunters Brick, Roland, Mordecai and Lilith directing them to shoot bandits, skags and other enemies (including bosses!). You take missions from a board both side missions and main quests which take you through a set of several different maps. Within each new area, you're met with several waves of enemies. They grow in increasing difficulty and numbers. Some enemies are best suited to be tackled by Brick who, with his taunt and berserk action skills, draws enemy attacks toward him. Others are perched on elevated platforms and can only be reached by Roland's turret or Mordecai's sniper.

Each character has three action skills unlike the franchise's standard one per character that can be used simultaneously. Like the franchise, each of those actions operate on a cooldown. Lilith can Phasewalk, deplete her shields for an EMP blast, and increase her running speed. Mordecai's abilities focus on increasing damage and his rate of fire. He also, of course, has Bloodwing (yay) who is just as powerful in this mobile version as in the first Borderlands title. Roland focuses on team health and his big bad turrets.

The four vault hunters also have something called a (utility.) These are basically buffs that the characters can use on themselves or on their comrades. Lilith's is a speed boost, Roland's gives health, Brick's is a defence boost and Mordecai's increases damage. Pretty similar to their action skills. Both the characters' action skills and respective utilities are all upgradeable as you level up. Each character behaves pretty much in line with how their classes were based in the first Borderlands title where they were introduced.