GameInformer's Dragon Age III: Inquisition Wishlist

The folks at GameInformer have penned a brief image-heavy wishlist for BioWare's recently-announced Dragon Age threequel, which includes a plea for better skill trees, more tactical gameplay and more original characters among other things.

Here's an excerpt:
Bring Back Tactics

The combat in Dragon Age II felt more like an action game than an RPG a major problem for many fans considering the highly tactical pause-and-play emphasis of its predecessor. Maybe a battle system based on old-school PC titles isn't the answer, either, but the team at BioWare needs to do something to reintroduce the importance of strategy. More importantly, it needs to feel natural in the Dragon Age universe; the series can only flail around so long searching for an identity in combat.

Balance The Skill Trees

Characters should be able to grow in interesting ways. Each of the two previous games does some things right in this area. Dragon Age: Origins had deep skill trees, but all of your characters of a particular class felt too similar. Dragon Age II gave individuals unique powers, but the skill trees didn't have enough depth to really draw me in. This is one area where the third game could land in the middle and leave me satisfied.