Infinity Blade: Dungeons Delayed Until Next Year

Speaking to AllThingsD, Epic Games PR Manager Wes Philips has confirmed that Infinity Blade: Dungeons won't ship until next year, and that it's partly due to the difficulties of getting a new studio started, (as you might remember some Big Huge Games' refugees joined Epic and formed the new "Impossible Studios").

Here's the relevant quote:
(Ever since the talented team at Impossible Studios got their hands on Infinity Blade: Dungeons, they've been busy adding their great ideas to the game,) spokesman Wes Phillips told AllThingsD. (There was also the matter of getting the Impossible Studios team up and running with desks, chairs, staplers and computers. The logistics of a new studio and implementing all these great ideas required a little extra time, so Infinity Blade: Dungeons will hit iOS in 2013.)