Avernum 6 iOS Reviews

Now that Spiderweb Software's Avernum 6 has made its way onto Apple's iOS-powered devices, we have a few more reviews to sift through for the party-based RPG. We'll start with Gear Diary, where there's no score of any kind:
The large overarching story is with you at all times, given out in chunks of quests by a variety of characters throughout the game. Historically the Avernum games have been very linear in terms of main quest, with the side quests filling in much of the variety. There is still some amount of "gating", wherein you cannot access new areas without completing the existing quest tree but the majority of the game gives you extensive freedom to not only explore the massive world, but also in how you go about accomplishing quests.

There is still a huge amount and variety in the side-quests available in Avernum 6, and as is true with most RPGs they represent much of the '╦ťflavor' and interest of the experience. Most of the side-quests are fairly simple and single-tiered, but there are some that are more complex and require thought and planning. There are also quests with repercussions, where you can for example succeed at killing off bandits but fail to protect the captives you were meant to save!

Then move to TouchArcade for a score of 4/5:
We loved Spiderweb Software's first two iOS entries, and suffice to say, Avernum 6 is another great release and a must-have for RPG fans. Granted, out of all three iOS titles Avernum 6 is probably the least accessible in terms of its skill-point system. In addition, as mentioned above I'm curious as to the decision to release the last game in the series so soon after the release of the first, although I imagine the decision was made due to Avernum 6 being the most recent title (and thus having the most up-to-date engine). Still, it's hard to make anything out of these minor complaints considering how good the game actually is. I only hope that the other games in the series eventually make it to iOS so we experience the complete saga of Avernum.

Before checking in at GamingShogun for another scoreless critique:
Avernum 6 HD is a game that would have won many industry awards about fifteen years ago, but in today's market will be overlooked by many people. Avernum 6 HD has a great, epic story line that pits a small band of heroes against both an invading horde of monsters and a blight of the only crop that is available to the people of Avernum. Avernum 6 made the transition from the PC and Macintosh to the iPad very well in terms of mechanics. I only had slight precision issues, which is forgivable and didn't break the game play for me at all. The true downside to Avernum 6 HD is it's presentation in terms of graphics and sound. Avernum 6 HD just looks way to outdated in terms of visuals and sounds just as bad in today's market. While the story does a great job in compensating for the ugly visuals, the visuals and sound still takes its toll on Avernum 6 HD, making this a good game instead of a great one. Avernum 6 HD is available now for the Apple iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3.