Ultima Online Ask & Answer Q&A #6

Another round of info coming directly from the developers currently working on Ultima Online is served to us with the sixth installment of the Ask & Answer Q&A. Here's a snip:
UOForums - I am looking forward to the Vendor Search option. Is there any details that can be given on this yet? Will you get coordinates to the vendors location, or be teleported to the vendors location, or be shown a map of where the vendor is? Thanks!(Quintus Batiatus)

Mesanna: How about all of the above? We want to give you options and make it useable by all.

UOForums - Im a veteran player since 1997. Ive come and gone a few times now. Though I enjoy the game as it is currently and find it fun to discover new things thats been added in recent years, I sometimes long for the days of the original release. Or maybe, the post Trammel release. The days when GM smiths sat outside the Brit Blacksmith shops, selling their wares. You know, the "stand outside the bank repeating the same items your trying to sell" days. My question is this, would it be possible or have a shard just for classic game play? Thanks! (Quintus Batiatus)

Mesanna: Not to give you a short answer on this one but it's been hashed many times and the answer is still no.