Dead Island Riptide Interview

GamingBolt is offering a short interview with Deep Silver's creative producer Sebastian Reichert, centered around Dead Island's not-quite-a-full-sequel Riptide. Here's a snip:
GB: The game has been described as a spin off but not a sequel. What prevented you guys from making a Dead Island 2?

SR: After the release of Dead Island, we got a lot of feedback from the fans that they would want to learn more about the fate of their characters. Fans want to have (moa, nao!)

So that is what we will deliver! New areas, new environments and many more additions to the original game, together with the possibility to import your characters from the original Dead Island.

GB: So, tell us a bit about the game's story. How different it will be compared to Dead Island Will there be heavy focus on narration this time around?

SR: The story of Dead Island Riptide will be told with the same game mechanics as in its predecessor. The narration will pick up exactly where we have left our heroes the last time, in Dead Island. Just when they thought they were saved. they are proven wrong!

Over the course of the game we will also learn more about the backstory why this all happened and who's behind it.

From the feedback we received, what really represents the (Dead Island experience) are the (watercooler moments) about the player and his actions in coop play and the game world.