Darksiders II Console Patch Coming Out Soon, Changelog Available

A new patch should be released for the console versions of Darksiders II, according to a recent forum post from THQ community manager Sledgehammer, which apparently will contain quite a few improvements and bugfixes to the action-adventure/action-RPG hybrid.

Here's the full changelog:
Bug Fixes:
- The Undead Scarabs will no longer continue to spawn without end when Death continues to enter and exit the room with the circular platform covered in corruption in the BlackStone.

- You will no longer fall out of the world in boss fights within Argul's Tomb

- A few bugs that would cause a crash within the UI have been resolved.

- The Wailing Host will enjoy Jesper Kyd's scores of music for the entire duration of the fight.

- Shoving the construct ball will no longer cause it to disappear when it hits a wall after rolling it through the Skeleton Key door in the room with the second Heartstone in the Foundry.

- Within the Psychameron failing the 3 switch puzzle multiple times will no longer penalize you with it not working properly.

- Your construct will no longer get stuck after properly pulling off combo's on enemies near the edge of bridges within the Foundry.

- You will now properly be able to run the cutscene when returning to Earth with the Rod of Arafel in Lostlight.

- On Earth we fixed multiple barriers within the world and they will now properly activate and deactivate based on your quest progression.

- You should properly get credit for saving the Angels on Earth regardless if you turned off the game during the save sequence.

- Your Armblade attack will no longer one shot Samael while he is relaxing on his throne.

- Death should now properly receive the Soul Splitter in the Spine.

- Unstoppable and Aegis Guard cool down will now properly trigger when saving and reloading.

- While in Reaper form the construct balls will no longer get stuck in midair.

- Karn will now pick up the 2nd heartstone even if you leave the room to quickly within The Foundry

- Within the Scar we fixed issues where the crystal was not restored if it was saved as being destroyed and progression issues around only one crystal being destroyed.

- The Lilith cutscene will now allow you to continue without freezing.

- In the Gilded Arena the third rotating statue will no longer stop functioning as intended if you Fast Travel away from it.

- You will now get proper credit for killing all the bloodless.

- You should now receive the appropriate tarot cards if you have qualified for them.

- The gate will no longer stay up if you die during the Wailing Host boss fight in the City of the Dead.

- The main quest 'The Lord of Bones' will now properly appear after the Tree of Life cinematic.

- Death will be able to properly progress in the Psychameron.

- The Gate will now drop properly after defeating Stalker/Prowler gauntlet in The Lost Temple.

- Death will now spawn on the proper side of the lava after the 2 Rotary Switch puzzle in The Scar when you die.

- Other miscellaneous bug fixes and game stability improvements have been applied.