Brian Fargo on Using Unity for Wasteland 2

VG247 is offering a brief snippet of a larger interview with Wasteland 2's Brian Fargo, discussing the choice of engine for the title (Unity). Excerpt ahead:
(We've currently purchased over 100 assets that range from engineering scripts to environment models. I can safely say that had we picked a different game engine, there is no way we'd be at the point in development that we are now.)

Regarding Wasteland 2 development, Fargo confirmed that the project is blazing forward, (As for the process, once we've set our core tenants and main systems in stone, we immediately kick off the level designs. Right now, we have over 10 writers and designers finishing up all of the maps.)

(During this period, engineering will be working on pipeline tests and creating tools that we need to have each discipline work effectively. Our team is pretty experienced and we all have ways that we enjoy working in our specific disciplines.)