Project Eternity Kickstarter Campaign Update #19, $2.56 Million and Counting

Even though Obsidian's Project Eternity campaign has "only" reached $2.56 million on Kickstarter, the addition of Paypal pledges has put the game over the $2.6 million stretch goal required to unlock the adventurer's hall where we'll be creating, recruiting, and ultimately assembling our party of characters. From update #19, which includes a revised list of all the pledge tiers for those of you curious about what your pledge rewards have evolved into:
Another stretch goal down! We are happy to announce that we've made our $2.6M stretch goal counting both Kickstarter and PayPal backers!

We have a lot of great stuff planned over the next six days. Josh is doing a lore update tomorrow along with some other BIG announcements, we are organizing an AMA over on reddit so everyone can ask Tim, Josh, Feargus and myself (Adam) a ton of questions, and we are getting our crazy ideas put together for the live stream of the last hours of the campaign next Tuesday.

Along with this update, we wanted to get some housekeeping out of the way. First off, we get asked a lot about what is in each of our reward tiers. You can find the full list farther down in this update. We are going to keep this list constantly updated, so if you ever need to refer to it, just come back to this update.

We are also working on our main Kickstarter page to keep things organized and have a new stretch goal image that combines all the stretch goals that have been added.

The Barbarian and Cipher classes are up next at $2.7M, and the talented George Ziets will be joining the team if we hit $2.8m! With each stretch goal hit not only are we adding a new feature, we are also making the entire game larger. The additional money raised lets us add designers, artists, animators, and programmers to help build this incredible new world we are creating. This means adding more reactive quests, choice and consequence opportunities, a varied bestiary, memorable characters, adventure areas, and combat abilities.

New Add-On

Due to popular demand and for a limited time, we are offering the ability to add our first expansion pack, due out approximately six months after Project Eternity ships. Any money contributed to add-on the expansion now will be used to make the main game larger. The expansion budget is not being created by money from this Kickstarter.

Digital Download of Expansion Pack + $20 (included in tiers $165 and above)

We will be sweetening the $165 reward tier with something extra in the upcoming days as well.