Ultima Online Ask & Answer Q&A #4-5

A fourth and fifth installment of the Ask & Answer Q&A for Ultima Online have been published on the MMO's official website, treating us to a bevy of developer answers on the 15-year-old title. Here's a snip:
When the punishment for murderers, banishment from Trammel, was introduced it actually did not deny access to content, because all that was in Trammel was also in Felucca. However as more and more content has been added over the years, access to content has been denied, making the punishment, in effect, more and more severe. Is the punishment for murderers therefore now too severe? Should they be allowed access to the other facets? Forged pardons exist in game, but is there any possibility that 'full pardons' might become available, possibly from Origin Store or clean up points, to allow long established red characters to 'repent' and become good citizens?

Kyronix: Do truly red players want to turn blue? I don't know the plausibility of releasing an item that would erase all murder counts, but adding new ways to make Felucca a more attractive area to play is something we've talked about.


UO Mania Bl4ckFir3 - Why do we still have to pay a monthly subscription, while many games have moved to a free-to-play model? Have you considered going Free-to-play with extra features and expansions for sale and the possibility to earn currency in-game to unlock them?

Mesanna: The option to take UO free to play is not up for discussion at this time.