Project Eternity Kickstarter Campaign Update #17, $2.43 Million and Counting

The latest update for the Project Eternity Kickstarter brings some quite big news: a new $165 reward tiers will include Wasteland 2 (thanks to Brian Fargo's gracious agreement), a planned expansion to be released 6 months after the game, and Obsidian's adherence to the Kicking It Forward initiative, meaning that they will put 5% of the profits of the game back in the Kickstarter circuit by backing other projects.

Here's a snip:
Personally, we are incredibly thankful to him and for the second wave of Kickstarter attention he brought with Wasteland 2. But, Brian hasn't stopped being the great guy that he is, and so, he's helping us out by letting us add Wasteland 2 as a reward at our higher tiers. So, what tiers will that be? A lot of you have asked for a digital tier after $110, so we are adding a $165 Digital Only Tier. That means Wasteland 2 will get added to this new $165 tier and all the tiers above.

What we are also doing is adding the first expansion pack for the game to the $165 Tier (and above). The expansion will come out approximately six months after Project Eternity is released. That's right, it's not DLC, but a real honest to God RPG expansion pack. We don't have the details on the Expansion yet, but you can bet it will be what you'd expect from an Infinity Engine game expansion.

With all that Brian has done for us in the past and his incredibly generous offer, we also want to kick something in. To do that we are now supporting the Brian's Kicking It Forward initiative. The Kickstarter community is pretty amazing and we want to help whomever we can be as successful as we have been.

This all sounds great, but I honestly hope Obsidian isn't jumping the gun by planning an expansion before the Kickstarter campaign has even ended.