Dungeon Crawler Showdown: Diablo III vs. Torchlight II

Geek.com has cranked out a new feature that pits Diablo III and Torchlight II up against each other, with the titles' graphical prowess, gameplay mechanics, character systems, and price being the primary points of comparison. And Blizzard's threequel wins, though not by much:
The whole point of a dungeon crawler is to evolve your character from the lowly level you start off with and develop him or her into the undefeated champion of the realms. This includes choosing what weapons and armor combinations are best suited for your character as well as what skills will best suit your style of gameplay. Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3 have the same basic system, but they both approach it from vastly different perspectives.

Equipment in both games is usually acquired through random drops, either when you kill an enemy or inside of the chests that are scattered throughout each game. Blizzard manipulated Diablo 3 to make it desirable to take advantage of a live auction house in order to get the best gear for your character. This auction house later evolved to allow purchases either with in-game currency or real money. Torchlight 2 does not have an auction house, and instead focuses exclusively on equipment being found in game, either through drops or purchases from in game characters.

Each character in Diablo 3 offers a specific focus for their weapons and armor choices, which acts a guideline for most of your decisions you want the monk character to focus on dexterity so they can dodge more attacks than anyone else, while the barbarian should focus on strength to deal the most damage with a single blow. Your skill trees offer some creative combinations that allow for control over how you play your character, but ultimately most people settle in to one of a handful of builds. By the time you have reached level 60, there are probably hundreds of other characters built almost exactly like yours.