Project Eternity Interview

Website XP4T is offering a brief interview with project director Josh Sawyer on Obsidian's Kickstarter-powered Project Eternity. Among other things, here's a snippet on the influence the funding method had on the project and their decision to go single-player-only:
XP4T: How has the Kickstarter experience influenced the direction of the game so far?

JoshSawyer: Listening to feedback from the fans has helped us realize that people can be pretty polarized on what they want, even among a group of people ostensibly united by a love of the same games. For us, that means prioritizing options is important. If people don't like a certain aspect of how skill checks are presented or how combat works, we should give them the ability to turn that off, resources permitting.

XP4T: Will Project Eternity be solely single player? Or do you hope for multiplayer gameplay as well?

Josh Sawyer: Solely single player. Though most of the Infinity Engine games supported multiplayer, the real strength of those titles was in the single player experience. Since this will be a relatively small project, we believe multiplayer would be too large of a distraction for us.