Krater: Shadows Over Solside Dev Updates #2-6

Since we last checked, five more dev updates have been released for Krater: Shadow Over Solside, mostly dealing with the announced co-op mode for the action-RPG. From the looks of it, it's still not there yet, but it should be released within the year:
We are closing in on the second big release for Krater, namely the long awaited coop. The exact release date is announced on Tuesday, but its less than a month away now.

Prior to that the Polish version of Krater will be released. ETA is October 18. We are also currently putting in the final touches on the Portuguese, French, German and Russian versions of the game (some via publishers, others via the heroic efforts from the community).

It also looks like abilities will get a revamp to focus more on synergies between characters:

The introduction of coop have made us re-think how we would like player abilities to work in Krater. We can't really go into details right now but we are working on a design that will put more emphasis on synergy effects when using different abilities together. We are also preparing for a new race that will be introduced as the first major gameplay update after coop.