Project Eternity Interview

There's a lengthy interview with Obsidian Entertainment's Tim Cain on Link Dead Gaming, during which the RPG design veteran tackles questions about the Project Eternity Kickstarter campaign, the possibility that they'll do DLC or expansions for the game, the pros and cons of crowd-funding, and more. Here we go:
LDG: If you, by yourself, had free reign and an unlimited budget, along with a team of your making from anyone in the industry, what type of game would you love to make next, some new IP that just might be (the next big thing?)

Tim: I have a lot of ideas for new game settings, that range from fantasy and sci fi games to a new twist on the post-apocalyptic genre. I even wrote a Fallout sequel design a few years ago, if by (free reign) you meant I could get that IP back. But I think if I had my choice, I'd make an RPG set in a new IP, which is a lot like what I am doing now.


LDG: Will the formula that we are all acquainted with change from past games like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale? Has the crew come up with new takes on old ways of doing things?

Tim: We are making some improvements on some aspects of the game, such as making better UI and bigger maps, since memory and monitors have both gotten larger. We have system design improvements too, but we are making those carefully. We want this game to feel like a classic RPG, but one with the rough edges smoothed out and polished to high gleam.

LDG: Due to the excitement of the fans for Project Eternity, will we see expansions for it come out, funded by crowd sourcing or traditional sources? Please do not tell me there are plans for DLC..

Tim: We would love the make sequels to this game, funded just like the first one. I don't know of any plans for DLC. We are thinking more in terms of how the classic games came out, with a sequel being a new adventure in a new area, possibly with importing your old characters.