Wasteland 2 Blog Update: It's About Time!

Brian Fargo has penned a short and to-the-point blog update to Wasteland 2, in which he apologizes for not keeping in touch with the community as much as he had promised to so far, explains why he hasn't been able to, and currently updates us on the state of development. Here's an excerpt:
I have been very focused on getting the first pass at all the writing complete by October. The thing that is most critical in creating a deep and re-playable experience is for us to have plenty of iteration time on the game. There is simply no substitute for allowing plenty of time for us to play the game over and over thus allowing us to hone in on the things that people are going try in the world. A wonderfully written script is not valuable if it is delivered too far into the development process.


Of course we are making progress on many fronts and I am especially excited at the ideas we are toying with in presenting the world map. So we will be working on a Kickstarter update in the next week that hits a variety of subjects including a write up by our technical director for those who want to dive deeper into our production thoughts.