Torchlight II v1.11.5.3 Patch Released

The very first official patch for Runic Games' Torchlight sequel has been released, and it clocks in at version There will obviously be many more updates for the action RPG, so consider this just a teaser of what's to come:
* Fixed a potential crash bug when applying affixes and effects in certain circumstances
* Fixed rare crash when turning in quest in the Undercurrents.
* Put in protection against character save file corruption. Corrupted characters will not appear in the list of characters. (And thus can't cause the game to crash on load)

* Fix for Berserker geyser proc showing up as a mappable skill.
* Fix for triggering Shocking Burst and Arc Beam out of range while hitting shift that could cause chain casting.
* 'Resist Slow' affix fixed.
* Proc affixes scale better with player level.
* Berserker 'Wolf Shade' now has the (intended) 60 second cooldown applied to all ranks.
* Fix for mistriggering when chaining two skills together when there is an early hit-frame.
* Safety check to stop any looping skills that get stuck in the 'on' state when the character is not performing a skill.
* Fixed bug with 'Poison Burst' procs (they should properly engage at more distant ranges).
* Fix for potential issue when units would queue removed/unavailable skills.
* Fix for having more than 100% reduction to charge decay or a negative flat charge decay.

* Made significant optimizations to particle collisions.

* Fix a bug when recalculating the price on objects to make sure the calculation is based on the correct data.
* Fix for bug where rapid clicks could misspend stat points.
* Removed access to console commands in multiplayer games.
* The game's login dialog now correctly allows passwords up to 64 characters long.
* Removed display of other users' IP addresses in multiplayer games.
* Removed Steam Cloud toggle in the settings file (it didn't do anything); the ability to toggle is available in the Steam client.
* Removed logging for achievements to potentially reduce some FPS drops for some users.

* Tweaks to various areas to prevent units from getting stuck.
* Changed lootable rocks to be non-colliding as they could occasionally block very narrow corridors.
* Fixes to some level scripting logic in the Frosted Hills.
* Fixed a bug that could cause multiple Tower of the Moon entrances to appear in the world.
* Implemented a few specific boss room pathing fixes.

* Fixed friends list based achievements.
* Spell-learning achievements now don't incorrectly trigger based on other players.

* Fixed several typos.
* Improvements to journal tooltips.