Ultima Online Ask & Answer Q&A #3

A third Ask & Answer Q&A is up on the official Ultima Online website, and once again we're treated to a smattering of developer-answered questions about everything from dungeon revamps to an update to the original 2D engine. In fact, I'll quote those two:
Here's my question: With everyone asking for new content and revamps for old dungeons like Doom, etc, would the DEVs consider re-instating imbuing artifacts/replicas as long as the item caps remain the same for non-exceptional items, meaning all artifacts/replicas would be imbueable to 450 property cap? I mean its a huge undertaking to come up with new artifacts/properties, think about the balance required, and most of the stuff will probably be a rehash of older items anyhow. Why not let us have some fun with it? I think it would really invigorate older lesser/minor artifacts without making anything overpowered, considering how some reforged/new shame loot is insanely good now. (Arcades)

Kyronix: This is a really interesting idea, but one that would need to be tread upon very carefully. What we've talked about is trying to incorporate allowing players to revitalize outdated artifacts via traditional crafting means and at the same time revitalizing the crafter class.


Hello Mesanna and Dev Team, because of the all-time discussion about the UO graphics I like to ask if there are any plans for the 2D/Classic Client to get better a screen resolution? We still have 800x600 max, this is quite outdated for today's games. (Medea, Ultima Online Bibliothek Forum)

Kyronix: There are draw issues associated with the world building when increasing the size of the client window in the 2D/Classic client. We've experimented with it, but unfortunately the results were not aesthetically pleasing. You can always come over to the dark side and switch to the EC..*evil grin*