Building the Perfect Squad in XCOM: Enemy Unknown's Multiplayer

With the help of Firaxis' Jake Solomon, Bitmob has assembled a list of combat-ready units and "all-star" squads that we'll likely be tinkering with ourselves once XCOM: Enemy Unknown plants itself onto our hard drives.  Two teams enter:
The all-human team: Plasma Azrael Squad

'¢ Human Sniper, Agent: plasma sniper rifle, Archangel Armor, S.C.O.P.E
'¢ Human Assault, Recon: shotgun, Carapace Armor
'¢ Human Support, Medic: assault rifle, body armor, medkit

"This team is built around the sniper, his flying armor, and his powerful Archangel Armor. The Recon Assault soldier spots targets for him, and the Medic Support keeps him alive. But this team will need an open map to play optimally, and as powerful as that plasma rifle may be, he'll have to stop to reload eventually -- that's when [the enemy should] rush him and take him out."

The mixed team: A balanced approach

'¢ Sectoid Commander
'¢ 2 Sectoids
'¢ Human Heavy, Machinegunner: heavy laser, Carapace Armor
'¢ Human Sniper: laser sniper rifle

"A good generalist squad, with a mix of firepower and psionics. The Sectoids can scout or buff the Sniper for timely high-power shots, and the Heavy can act as the escort for the Sectoid Commander or be an offensive unit on his own. While not strong in any single dimension, they're also not weak against any particular threat, and so [this team is] good when you're completely uncertain of what you might face."