Torchlight II Reviews

We have rounded up a small batch of early reviews for Runic's sequel to the action-RPG Torchlight, which this time comes back with a larger world, multiplayer and an overhauled skill and combat system.

GameSpy, 5/5.
There's oodles more I could go into detail on about why Torchlight 2 is simply an amazing game, but I think you get the idea by now -- it's not to be missed by anyone who considers themselves a fan of the proud tradition of action RPGs. It's great, it's gorgeous, it's hugely replayable, it's multiplayer, it's moddable (with Steam Workshop!), and it's dirt cheap. A game like that doesn't come along every day, you know.

AusGamers, 9.0/10.
Torchlight II succeeds in being a truly viable alternative to Diablo III. The action is faster and thicker and rewards are set to a quickened treadmill pace, resulting in an experience that is immediately rewarding and increasingly addictive. Its seamless co-op (which includes player trading) openly gives Blizzard the middle finger as it allows players to decide whether to play a solo game offline or open it up for drop-ins. Torchlight II lacks deep character customisation, the dungeons are smaller than Diablo III and you feel very much on the action RPG fast track. However, this is evened out by a deep skill system, helpful pet AI, satisfying weapon and spell effects and the ever-present (and constantly rewarding) rain of loot. If you enjoy clicking the left button of your mouse thousands of times in order to get pretty rewards on the screen, this is a no brainer order a 4-pack and demand that your friends put their lives on pause!

GamerLiving, 5/5.
Torchlight 2 comes off the heels of a successful game, but Runic Games refused to sit on its haunches. While you play the game, you will feel how much of a labour of love it truly is. The game will be addictive to altoholics and end-game players alike due to its levelling system, while casuals and hardcore players can both rejoice in its difficulty system and options for challenges. Runic Games has achieved the goals they set out to do and then some; Torchlight fans will be overjoyed with the result.

Gaming Trend, 95/100.
So you'll notice something about this review.there isn't a single negative thing I can say about Torchlight II. The graphics aren't going to push your game like Crysis 3.but this game costs $20. The voice work is decent but the game isn't fully voiced about what I'd expect for $20. The multiplayer can be played online, offline, LAN, and up to 6 players and that's worth WAY more than $20. This game has well over 25 hours of content, plus randomization something games at $60 dollars can't claim. Torchlight II represents the perfect iteration of a series, combining solid innovation from Runic along with a deluge of feedback courtesy of fans and player mods. Runic and Perfect World have given us everything we've asked for I can't think of a single game that can make that claim in recent memory.

Kotaku recommends playing it:
Play any video game for a long enough period of time, and you'll start to wonder why you're playing. Torchlight II, with its laser-like focus and medulla-tickling appeal, is a welcome reminder of why we play. We play to visit other worlds, to unlock incredible new power, to meet mysterious new beasts and destroy them. We play video games because they're awesome. Click, kill, loot, level up. Click, kill, loot, level up. More, please.