Project Eternity Kickstarter Funded in 27 Hours

Excitement for Obsidian Entertainment's Project Eternity (still a codename) has clearly hit a fever pitch over the last day. The Kickstarter fund for the game's development has, in just about 27 hours, already reached its $1.1 million goal. This ranks it as one of the fastest-funded gaming-related Kickstarter projects ever, and yet another sign that old-school fans of RPGs certainly haven't died out.

While the game's release is now pretty much assured, Obsidian have already suggested they will be implementing stretch goals for donations that take them over the budget. More quests, more characters, more locations, and so on are all still possible with any additional donations. While Obsidian have yet to release an official statement, veteran designer Chris Avellone has posted his thoughts on Twitter, and JE Sawyer has a, well, vocal way of saying thanks.

We'd like to give sincere thanks to everyone who's donated to Obsidian, as this massive display of support for traditional RPGs warms our hearts. An extra thanks goes out to those who have also donated to the GameBanshee ChipIn fund, which will help to secure bigger and better GameBanshee-themed content within the game the more donations we receive (plus some extra bonuses for those who are especially generous). Even if you've already put your $20 or even $500 on Project Eternity, please consider supporting the site and community as well!

Last, but not least, we've launched a Project Eternity sub-forum on our message boards for those who want to discuss the upcoming game. Swing by and let us know your thoughts!