Legend of Grimrock Dungeon Editor Feature List

With the newly revealed feature list for the Legend of Grimrock Dungeon Editor, my interest level in modding Almost Human's excellent dungeon crawler continues to build. Steam Workshop support, custom environments, item creation, lots of puzzle options, and a pack of assets all sound good to me:
We realized that we really haven't listed the Dungeon Editor's features and capabilities in any single place clearly so hey, why not compile a list here. This should give you a better overall picture about what you can create with the editor. Let me switch on my marketing droid -mode here for a moment. There! Let's go:

'¢ Simple and straightforward user interface.
'¢ Instant preview lets you test play the dungeon instantly: no need to leave the editor or wait for the level to export.
'¢ Create puzzles, traps and contraptions simply by connecting buttons, pressure plates and other triggers to trapdoors, spawners or teleporters for example.
'¢ Use Lua scripts to create even more complex logic and go beyond what would otherwise be possible.
'¢ Fill your dungeons with any of the 350+ original Legend of Grimrock assets.
'¢ Create new items, complete with new graphics and functionality like new magical weapons or potions with their own custom effects.
'¢ If you want a cow-on-wheels roaming the tunnels, it's no problem: you can use your own custom monsters!
'¢ Totally transform how the dungeon looks and feels like by using custom environment graphics and objects.
'¢ Trigger your own sounds or replace the background music.
'¢ Tell a story with custom intro and ending cinematics.
'¢ Create hellish demon snails simply by changing the textures of the original snail: you can modify, replace or recycle the original Legend of Grimrock textures, meshes or other assets to suit your needs.
'¢ Publish your creations by using the built-in Steam Workshop support or just freely upload the dungeon data anywhere or hand it out directly to your friends.

Some of you might know that we've previously had a policy in place that has prevented modders from modifying/distributing the game assets found in our game data. We will still have that policy in place as far as reverse-engineered assets are regarded but we will release a comprehensive pack of assets along with the editor that you can use and modify to create Legend of Grimrock mods. This is just due to the fact that we can't, for example, give away sounds we have bought and give people the permission to use and modify those assets. But don't worry, the majority of our assets will be in the pack for you to use. We will release the revised modding and asset usage terms soon.

Oh, and there won't be a need to hack the game to access the developer console anymore either: to make it easier to debug your custom dungeons, we have implemented an option to enable the console.