Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC Review

Eurogamer has put out a review for Mass Effect 3's single-player DLC Leviathan, which, among other things, adds a few snippets of lore about the central conflict and the oft-discussed ending of the title. While they note that the DLC is somewhat constrained by the structure of the title and feel somewhat lukewarm about some of the mission objectives, they praise the amount of voice acting, the story and the adventure in general, and award it a 7/10. Here's why:
It's hard to complain, though, when the pack contains such a depth of content, such as the selection of new weaponry and gun mods. There are even bonus planet systems to explore for those who like to spend hours trundling around the Galaxy Map reading planet information and scanning for War Assets.

There are about a dozen new Assets to collect, although their value is somewhat moot since the Extended Cut lowered numerical requirements for the best ending. Still, if you want to discover the exploits of a team of vorcha fighter pilots, or find out why a batarian leader is enraging his peers, BioWare has you covered.

Leviathan is a rich adventure for those who are willing to reopen the door on Commander Shepard's story, and a worthwhile chapter of lore within the Mass Effect canon. But for those who have already moved on it is perhaps reassuring that, at the end of it all, those goalposts lie largely unmoved.