Might & Magic Heroes Online Preview

A new preview for the free-to-play browser strategy/RPG Might & Magic Heroes Online comes our way via TheGamersHub, which offers a promising look at the title. Here's a snippet:
As this runs in a browser, your first thought may be one of disdain after all why would a browser title be worthy of your game playing gaze? Well, it's probably best you scrapped those preconceptions and woke up to the world of modern web browser games, as Heroes Online not only looks fantastic, it seems like a fully fleshed out entry into the series. As it runs in Flash 11 it's got super silky smooth animations and looks like an absolute beauty utilising 3D models and lush isometric views to create a game world you definitely can't resist exploring.

Some tweaks to the Heroes model have been made though, and mostly so it works better for online play. This doesn't mean that Ubisoft, BluyByte and Related Designs have gone in and torn apart the rule book, it just means that now things are just that little bit more streamlined. While turn-based gameplay still exists and the hex squares of yore have returned, ranged attacks now come with restricted ranges, you'll be able to get behind foes and deal damage without fear of a counter-attack, and boss battles are now altered by the environment they're fought in all of which is done to encourage more tactical play.